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Q: I can’t press the “Redeem” button

A: Make sure your card is not in hide. To unhide your card, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Profile” menu, the button is in the top right corner (icon with people pictured)
  2. Click the “Hidden Cards” button and you search for your card
  3. Then click the button located in the top right corner and click “Unhide Card”

Q: Why the e-Voucher I got is already in use?

A: There might be two possible solutions:

  1. In the event of such an obstacle, please contact the program owner immediately, namely the company or merchant / related outlet as the giver and also the sender of the e-Voucher in order to be followed up and investigated further
  2. If the e-Voucher is from the proceeds of the redeem / redemption process in the TADA application, please be able to immediately “Contact Us”

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