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Add Shipping ID & Tracking Number in Order Receipt and Order Detail (For Virtual Franchise and Shop Feature)

Now our Shipping ID is visible to anyone, no more confusion for cashier, courier, and member!

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Sending goods could be confusing for the cashier, courier, and everyone! Especially to ship goods from Virtual Franchises and Shop Order. But, worry no more! Now we have put shipping ID and tracking number both in order detail and print receipt, so client, outlet, and courier have the same identification number for the goods that need to be picked up and delivered. Check this by doing these following steps:

  1. Open your Tada Partner Apps
  1. Go to “Order/Pesanan”, then go to the “Dalam Perjalanan” sub-segment
  1. Click on the order you want to check, identification number are visible for everyone so everyone will notice the same identification number for each order
    1. Notion image
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