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Is It Safe To Use Tada Apps?

Tada Apps is 100% Secure, here are our recommendations to you to keep your account safe!

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To keep your TADA account secure and prevent fraud, make sure to follow these security guidelines:

  1. Your verification code or OTP is confidential, do not share it to any other party, even those claiming to be TADA employees or related Corporate/Merchant.
  1. When doing payment, only transfer to official TADA’s official bank account as written in-app, according to the amount stated on payment page.
  1. Please be alerted if you receive a link from any party to access an unknown site. Our only official website is https://www.usetada.com/
  1. Change the password/PIN on your TADA account occasionally and avoid using similar password with your other accounts.
  1. TADA will only inform you about ongoing promotions, giveaways, or other information through official media like Website, Blog, Twitter, Instagram, and verified Facebook accounts, and with @usetada.com email domain. Please be alerted if you receive notifications from any other media not mentioned above.

If you encounter problems with your TADA account security, please click Contact Us through email to info@usetada

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