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Member Get Member

Let your loyal customer promote your store and get new members!

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Who is best to promote your product? No one can do it better than your loyal Customers! They understand your product best, they have experienced the outstanding service of your staffs and they will voluntarily refer their friends of your excellent job -- they become your valuable Advocates.

When your Customers have willingly share about your products to their circle, of course it is best for you to appreciate them by giving rewards. With our Member Get Member feature, TADA can help you to facilitate your Advocates to easily refer their friends to be your customers, track your Advocates performance and reward them with gifts. It can be done by doing these following steps:

  1. Open your favorite membership card
  1. Click on “Referral” button inside your membership card
  1. Choose the channel you want to share the link, in this case you can share the link through Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, or others
  1. Choose your friend contact and send it!

Now as the Brand, you will also be able to monitor who is your most performing Advocates. You can check this from your Insights by TADA Dashboard.

Want to know more about our Member Get Member feature? Contact us through info@usetada.com.

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