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Create Promo for Shop and Virtual Franchise

Create a promotion for your shop and virtual franchise in a few clicks!

Creating Promo for your store or even virtual franchise has never been this easy and fast! Just in a few clicks, TADA it’s there already! Just follow the following steps to create promo for shop and virtual franchise, we also provide you video about this, check it below:

  1. Open TADA Dashboard
  1. Select the “Promo” menu.
  1. Click on the “+ Create New Promotion” button to add a new promo.
  1. Choose the promo target; Public means all of your members will be able to see the promotion whereas Private means the promo will not be shown to all members, and you need to create the promotion code that you can share with a specific group of members. Those who have the promo code need to input it to be able to use the promo
  1. You can set criteria for the promotion, we have min. transaction and min. qty. You can choose to not use them or even combine them both
  1. After everything has been set, click the “Save” button to finalize the promo.
Notion image

This is how it would look like from the member’s side:

Notion image

Do not worry, we didn’t forget! Here we attach a video from our expert showing you how to create Promo for Shop and Virtual Franchise directly from our dashboard, check it below:

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