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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our Frequent Question from Customer!

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TADA Dashboard

Check out our powerful dashboard with its feature in here!

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Voucher, Order & Redemption

Here you can find detail information about voucher and redemption!

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Let’s start a Campaign! Check it in here and your campaign available in the next minute!

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Beside Powerful, our apps is Integrate-able! Check it here!

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Sender Name

Here Client can find detailed information about Masking Sender Name SMS and WA

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Release Notes

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Most Frequently Asked Question

Why I Didn’t Receive OTP Code?

Here are our tips to deal with OTP, so it is clear now!

How To Check My Order Status?

Track your order status easily!

How To Check Transaction History?

Check your transaction history, including card, e-voucher, and order transactions!

How to Check Point, Stamp, Balance, and Cashback Expiration Date?

Check the expiration date for your Points, Stamp, Balance, and Cashback before redeeming it

How to Join Brand Membership?

Download the App! TADA is here to get started!

How Can I Contact Tada’s Team?

Have problems when redeeming vouchers? Or just have some questions about us? Here’s how you can contact us!

Redemption - QnA

Do you have questions regarding Redemption?

Account Settings - QnA

Set your account in the easiest way!

Delivery Order - QnA

You have questions regarding Delivery Order?

Registration Form - QnA

Do you have questions regarding the Registration Form?

Whatsapp Business Registration - QnA

You have questions regarding Whatsapp Business Registration?

Payment Activities - QnA

Here is our detailed information about your payment activities

Dashboard Insight Summary: Overview

All of the important data for your Loyalty Program are summarized in our Dashboard Insight Summary! Check this out!

Bulk Top Up

Bulk Top Up your members account using phone number through dashboard never been this easy!

How To Use e-Voucher Link?

Easiest Way to use your e-Voucher!

How To Redeem A Voucher?

Redeem your e-Voucher now in the simplest way!

Create Whatsapp Campaign

Create the most effective campaign through whatsApp and increase your sales!

Shop Feature

Sell your items/e-Voucher to your customer/members/reseller by using shop feature by Tada

How To Track Your Delivery Order In Few Clicks?

Track your delivery order real-time!