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Garuda Miles e-Voucher

Now we have Garuda Miles Voucher for your customer! Check here to see it!

Last updated on Invalid Date

We have another voucher option for our users, its the Garuda Miles Voucher! You can exchange this voucher into Garuda Miles point! Now our user can give their member rewards in form of Garuda Miles! Imagine how cool is that! Members can redeem this voucher and your Garuda Miles will be added directly. Redeem this voucher as these following step:

  1. Member will got an SMS/Email contains the redemption link and PIN inside and simply press the given link!
  1. Enter the 6 digits PIN received in the SMS/Email
  1. E-Voucher will be shown and you can redeem it directly by pressing the “Tukarkan”/”Redeem” button
  1. Insert the number and make sure the number registered as a member of Garuda Frequent Flyer
  1. Press “Yes”/”Ya” to confirm the Garuda Miles top-up
  1. You have successfully redeem the e-Voucher, check your Garuda Miles will automatically added.
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