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How to Redeem My Rewards to PLN Postpaid Billing?

Redeem your rewards to pay your PLN postpaid billing!

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Now members are able to redeem their points and rewards to pay for postpaid PLN billing in a few clicks. This new redemption option will be automatically available in your program. If not, ask our client representative team to enable this redemption option to your program.

Here are the easy way to redeem it:

  1. Open your membership card and then go to “Redeem” menu
  1. Open the “PLN” category
  1. Choose “Tagihan Listrik
  1. Input your Meter Number / Customer ID and click “Check Bill” to check your billing
  1. If you have an outstanding bill, it will appear including the detail informations about your bill, then click “Continue To Payment” to proceed the redemption
  1. Choose the payment method, you can use your point / balance or mix it with other payment as well
  1. Congrats! you’ve successfully completed the redemption process.
  1. You can check the redemption status by clicking “See Transaction Detail” or you can check it in History menu.
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