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Orders and Redemptions

Check the flow of your orders and redemptions process

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The Orders & Redemptions is further divided into several sub-menus: “All”, “Unpaid”, “New Order”, “Need to be Sent”, “On Delivery”, “Completed”, “Canceled”, and “Fulfilled by TADA”.  The orders data can be filtered according to the start and end dates, order ID, SKU, and order references. More advanced filters can be implemented, such as filtering by recipient name, recipient phone number, item name, store, and delivery address. The orders data based on the applied filter will be displayed as a table below the “Order Data Filter” section. These data can be downloaded by the merchant for further usage. Check your orders and redemptions process by following these steps, also we provided you a video of our expert explaining this, please find it below:

  1. Open our powerful dashboard
  1. Go to “Orders & Redemptions” menu
  1. Here you can find all of your orders and redemptions details; filter specific date, order classification, customer data who ordered, and every single information you need regarding order and redemptions

For better understanding and example, please check the video of our expert below explaining this orders & redemptions dashboard menu with real implementation

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