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Campaign History

Check the history of your campaign and say no more to duplication!

Campaign History

Campaign History provides the compilation of the type of campaign, creation and publication time, number of recipients, number of delivered campaigns, number of opened campaigns, number of clicked campaigns, number of member transactions from the campaigns, conversion rate, total revenue made, and the status of the campaign. The campaign history data can be filtered according to the start and end dates, campaign types, and campaign status, or by directly searching for the campaign name.

Further information about a specific campaign can be found by clicking on the campaign name. The page will be redirected to the Campaign Analytics dashboard. Features in the Campaign Analytics are the campaign statistics and list of recipients, which can be downloaded. You can do this by following these steps and we also provide you a video of our expert explaining this:

  1. Open our powerful dashboard
  1. Go to the “Campaign menu” and click on the “Campaign History” sub-menu
  1. Here you can check detailed information regarding the campaign type, created & published day, recipient, and others!

To have a better understanding and real implementation we provided a video of our expert explaining this feature in our dashboard below!


Now you can easily monitor your past campaigns by using campaign names! The best part is, it’s only for your internal reporting so it won’t be shown to your members.

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