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Create a Push Notification Campaign

Create your Notification Campaign and earn more!

We all agree that the campaign can improve brand engagement with members and sell at the same time, one of our available campaigns is the push notification campaign that will pop-up as a notification in your member device! Check this out! We also provided a video to see the real implementation in our dashboard below!

Create Push Notification Campaign

  1. Open TADA Dashboard, select “Create Campaign” under the “Campaign” menu
  1. Select “Push Notification” under the “General Campaign” segment. You will be redirected to a new page to set up your push notification campaign
  1. Fill in the “Campaign Information” section by filling in or uploading “Campaign Name”, “Title”, “Push Notification Image”, “Description”, and “Where would you like to direct the message to”
  1. Fill in the “Time Information” section by selecting whether you want to start the campaign now or later on. If you choose to start the campaign later, new boxes will appear for you to schedule the date and time
  1. Recurrence of the push notification can be activated by switching on the “Recurrence” button. New boxes will appear to input additional information such as the number of repetitions, the scheduled time for the next repetition, and the end condition for the recurrence
  1. Fill in the “Recipient Information” to select to whom the push notification campaign is sent to
  1. A preview of the push notification campaign is displayed on the right side of the page
  1. After everything has been set, click on the “Continue” button and a pop-up message will appear. Click on the “Send Now” button to send the push notification campaign

Here we provide you with a video for a better understanding of how it works and how to implement it directly from our powerful dashboard!

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