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Create Email Campaign

Blast Campaign through E-mail to your members and earn more!

Want to create a campaign for members and increase the number of sales? No worries, you can do it easily from our powerful dashboard in a few clicks. You could increase your number of selling in one minute after creating and sending a campaign through email, where you can also use our tag for better engagement as the message can be customized by customer name, promotion name, and others inside! Check these following steps below, also we have a video tutorial explaining the email blast campaign for better understanding and real implementation below!

Create Email Blast

  1. Open TADA Dashboard, and select “Create Campaign” under the “Campaign” menu.
  1. Select “Email Blast” under the “General Campaign” segment. You will be redirected to a new page to set up your email blast campaign.
  1. Fill in the “Campaign Information” section by filling or uploading the “Campaign Title”, “Subject”, “Image Campaign”, mail body, and “Call to Action”. If the “Call to Action” button is switched on, additional boxes will appear to customize the button call to action, button color, text color, and URL redirection.
  1. Fill in the “Time Information” section by selecting whether you want to start the campaign now or later on. If you choose to start the campaign later, new boxes will appear for you to schedule the date and time.
  1. Fill in the “Recipient Information” to select to whom the email blast is sent to.
  1. A preview of the email blast is displayed on the right side of the page.
  1. After everything has been set, click on the “Continue” button and a pop-up message will appear. Click on the “Send Now” button to send the email blast campaign.

Check our tutorial and implementation video below that you can follow to understand this email campaign from our powerful dashboard!

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