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Create WhatsApp Blast Message Template

Are you interested in sending campaign blasts via WhatsApp to your customers? Learn how to create the message template first here!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms with its 2 billion active users worldwide. Not only for personal communication, but WhatsApp is also widely used for business. So it can be an effective marketing strategy to send campaign blasts via WhastApp. However, to send out campaigns, you can only use pre-approved message templates. So first thing first, here’s how to create the message templates:

  1. Open Dashboard
  1. Go to the “Campaign” menu, then choose the “Create Campaign” sub-menu
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  1. Choose “Whatsapp Blast” in the General Campaign section
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  1. Click “Request New Template”
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  1. Create the message template! Here you can customize a few things for your message:
      • Choose the message category
        • Utility conversations: Business-initiated conversations relating to a transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements to customers who have opted in.
        • Marketing conversations: Conversations/messages intended to market products or services to customers, such as relevant offers to opt-in customers. Any business-initiated conversation that doesn't qualify as utility conversation also falls into this category.
      • The Title for the template name
      • Text message where you can use the tag “Customer Name” to make your message more personalized or “Merchant Name”
      • Add media to attach image or video
      • You can choose to add redirect link by adding a CTA button and inputting the URL link
      Notion image
      Notion image
  1. Click “Submit” when you’re done and wait until your template is approved before you can use the template for campaign blast!
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