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Send Rewards Campaign

Send Rewards Campaign to your customer and trigger them to comeback make purchase

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You can easily send a rewards as a campaign to trigger your member to buy more, with this feature you can send a rewards to some or even all of your member so they could come back and make purchase! Check these steps below to create your rewards campaign, not only that we also provide you a video to understand better with our instructor show you the detail about this campaign and how to make one directly on our powerful dashboard!

Send Rewards Campaign

  1. Open TADA Dashboard, select “Create Campaign” under “Campaign” menu.
  1. Select “Send Rewards” under the “General Campaign” segment. You will be redirected to a new page to set up your send rewards campaign.
  1. Fill in the “Campaign Information” section by filling or uploading the “Campaign Name”, “Image”, “Campaign Title”, and “Campaign Description”.
  1. Select the type of the rewards that would be given by selecting either eVoucher or Balance/Point. Additional boxes will appear to specify the evoucher or program and the amount of balance/point given.
  1. Select the number of times the member can receive the rewards, either one time only, limited times only, or unlimited time.
  1. If the “Assign Campaign to Privilege Category” button is switched on, additional boxes will appear to select the category or add a new category.
  1. Fill in the “Time Information” section by selecting whether you want to start the campaign now or later on and its end schedule. If you choose to start the campaign later, new boxes will appear for you to schedule the date and time.
  1. Recurrence of the campaign can be activated by switching on the “Recurrence” button. New boxes will appear to input additional information such as the number of repetition, when to show the campaign, and the end condition for the recurrence.
  1. The end date of the campaign can be ignored, making the campaign to be always active, by switching on the “Disable campaign expiry” button.
  1. Fill in the “Recipient Information” to select to whom the campaign is sent to. Additional push notification can be sent by activating the button.
  1. A preview of the campaign is displayed on the right side of the page.
  1. After everything has been set, click on the “Continue” button and a pop-up message will appear. Click on the “Send Now” button to send the campaign.

Here are a video with our instructor try to explain and lead you to create your first rewards campaign, check out the video below!

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