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Store Customization for Dine-in and Delivery

Customize your Store Information, Operation Hour, menu, or delete the store.

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You can customize your store information, operation hour, menu, or even delete the unavailable store for delivery in this submenu from our powerful dashboard. It is as simple as these following steps:

  1. Open our powerful Dashboard
  1. Go to “Dine in and Delivery” menu and go to the “Store” submenu
  1. Click on the store to edit information about the store, you can customize a lot of things here, including: store name, email, phone number, address, image, operating hours, order methods (delivey, dine-in, or takeaway), payment methods, and active/inactive store.
  1. Click on the “See Details” under the operation hour for each store to customize the operation time
  1. Click on “See Menu” under the menu row in order to check menu and you can customize menu for each store
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