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Our Mighty Dashboard

Check Published Time Information For Your Campaign

After setting up campaign, know the exact time your campaign published!

Print Shipping Invoice On Tada Dashboard

Print shipping invoice to know the detail shipment with barcode inside!

Check All Of Members Submission

Brand can check all of the members submission without classification!

Add New Category and Menu For Dine-in and Delivery

You can add new menu and catagorize them as you wished!

Protect Your E-Voucher with Password

Now you can send E-Voucher and Protect it with E-Voucher

Video Guideline is Available on Our Mission Summary Segment

We provide you a video

Store Rating

Manage and Check your store rating directly from dashbaord!

Setup Card Appearance

Customize your card appearance in the app through our dashboard in a few clicks!

Monitor Online Ordering Program

Monitor your online order directly through dashboard and confuse no more!

Member Get Leads Submission

Check and monitor all of your leads submission through dashboard!

Member Get Leads Summary

Check your member’s leads overview and summary through dashboard!

Store Filter Implementation

Filter your Store and monitor specific information of each store!

How to Differentiate Created Time and Published Time Campaign?

Monitor your created and published time campaign is easy!

How To See Analytics Based On Program?

Monitor Insight Analytics based on Program

How To Filter Transaction Type?

You can check transaction detail and filter it based on transaction type!

How To Add Store Access?

Add store access, make sure you remember the password!

Understanding Mission Activities Summary on Tada Dashboard

Here are the simplest way to understand our summary in our Dashboard Mission Activities

Dashboard Insight Summary

All of the important data for your Loyalty Program are summarized in our Dashboard Insight Summary! Check this out!

Dashboard Membership Summary

All information about your member is available here! Know and Identify your members in a click!

Download Member Get Leads Report with More Information Inside

Now our member get leads report contains more information that will help you to be more successfull in leads submission!

Add New Catalog

Customize your catalogue as you wish, now lets add new catalogue through dashboard!

Catalog Configuration

Set and configure your catalogue as you wish, make it easy for your member to access

Store Availability Configuration

No more confusion to your member now! You could check store availability, meaning more clarity to your members

Submission Management

Manage you members submission in a few clicks!

Creating Mission Activities on Dashboard

How to create mission activities using Dashboard

How to Process Physical Items Order via Dashboard

How do I process physical items order from Shop/Virtual Franchise/Redemption?

How to Make Adjustments to Member’s Points

Did you know you can adjust your members’ points? Learn how here!