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OTP Verification Unsuccessful

Here are our tips to deal with OTP, so it is clear now!

Last updated on July 1, 2022

OTP Code or One-Time Password is a common verification method to verify your activities through a phone number. OTP consists of 6-digit numbers that are unique and confidential. At your first login or while doing transaction you will need OTP if you have not set up your PIN yet, here are our tips to enter OTP successfully:

  1. Please make sure you registered the right number to our Apps, it is the number that you are using on your phone
    1. Notion image
  1. If you’re sure the number is still active, but you still don’t receive the OTP, you could press “resend” or “kirim ulang” or you can also use another verification method
  1. Please note that the OTP expires after 4 minutes and you can only resent the OTP twice before your account gets locked and you have to wait 24 hours before attempting another login
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