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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why I Didn’t Receive OTP Code?

Here are our tips to deal with OTP, so it is clear now!

How To Check My Order Status?

Track your order status easily!

Why Do I Have an Issue with my Order?

Don’t worry! Here are several things to do if you cannot proceed your order.

How To Check Transaction History?

Check your transaction history, including card, e-voucher, and order transactions!

How To Use Rewards Card?

Use your rewards card now and enjoy the benefit!

Delivery Hasn’t Arrived Yet?

If your delivery hasn’t arrived, check here our SLA!

Why Does My Account Get Blocked/Suspended?

If your account gets blocked/suspended, here are some reasons for it!

How to Check Point, Stamp, Balance, and Cashback Expiration Date?

Check the expiration date for your Points, Stamp, Balance, and Cashback before redeeming it

How To Check E-Voucher Expiration Date

Before using it, check your e-voucher expiration date!

How to Check Member, Top-up, and Redeem Points by Email

Now you can check Check Member, Top-up, and Redeem Points by Email by email.

How to Activate Face ID / Fingerprint for login & Redemption

Now, it is even easier to login to our up! But, it is still secure! Use your face or fingerprint to login!

How to Login into Tada Apps

Let’s get started with Tada!

How To Keep My Account Secure?

Our Security System is tight and safe! This is to make sure that it is totally safe to use our Apps!

How to Do a Mission and Get a Reward

Brand could set a mission for the members, they will get rewarded for doing the mission! Let’s do it!

How To Sell Brand Products and Earn Rewards!

Recommend a product to your friend, the buyer will get the discount, and you will get the reward for every purchase from your shared link!

How to Share Membership Referral Link (Member Get Member)

Share your brand membership with your friend!

How to Order Food in Order Menu?

Here is our guide to making an order, do not hesitate, order now!

Member Get Leads: What and How To Running the program

Let your member submit leads to you!

Limitations for Shipping Method (GoSend, Grab, Lalamove)

Here you can find some of the limitations of using this shipping method

Can I See If the Customer is Using a Mixed Payment Method in the Delivery Order?

What if my customers use mixed payment method in Delivery Order? Where can I see the details?

What Type of Points Earn Rate does TADA have?

Here is how our point systems are!

How Do I Find Out My Membership Privilege/Rewards Program From the Brand?

Check out the details of your rewards program from your favorite brand here!

How to Join Brand Membership?

Download the App! TADA is here to get started!

How To Subscribe to Your Favorite Brand!

Subscribe a membership to your favorite brand! And get the benefit for the subscription!

How Can I Contact Tada’s Team?

Have problems when redeeming vouchers? Or just have some questions about us? Here’s how you can contact us!