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How To Check Which Store Accept My Card?

Choose store that accept your card!

Is It Safe To Use Tada Apps?

Tada Apps is 100% Secure, here are our recommendations to you to keep your account safe!

How To Check Transaction History?

Check your transaction history, including card, e-voucher, and order transaction!

Why Does My Account Get Blocked/Suspended?

If your account gets blocked/suspended, here are some reasons for it!

How to Check Point, Stamp, Balance, Cashback Expiration Date?

Check expiration date for your Points, Stamp, Balance, and Cashback before redeeming it

Cannot Proceed Your Order?

Don’t worry! Here are several things to do if you cannot proceed your order.

Delivery Hasn’t Arrived Yet?

If your delivery hasn’t arrived, check here our SLA!

Order Issues

Here is our guide for you if you’re having problems with your order

How To Check My Order Status?

Track your order status easily!

How To Use Rewards Card?

Use your rewards card now and enjoy the benefit!

Virtual Franchise Summary on Dashboard

Check the summary of your Virtual Franchise activities in your dashboard!

Membership Type

You have questions regarding Membership Type?

Registration Form

You have questions regarding Registration Form?

Point System

You have questions regarding Point System?


You have questions regarding Redemption?


You have questions regarding Referral?

Virtual Franchise

You have questions regarding Virtual Franchise?


You have questions regarding Subscription?

Delivery Order

You have questions regarding Delivery Order?

Whatsapp Business Registration

You have questions regarding Whatsapp Business Registration?

White Label Apps Registration

You have questions regarding White Label Apps?

How to Join Brand Membership?

Download the App! TADA here to get started!

How Do I Find Out Membership Privilege/Rewards Program From A Brand?

Check out the details of your rewards program from your favorite brand here!

Refer Your Friend For Membership

Share your brand membership to your friend!

Check Your Detail Transaction

Check your transaction history here! So you never missed even one transaction!

Do The Mission And Get Reward

Brand could set a mission for the members, they will get reward for doing the mission! Let’s do it!

Subscribe to Your Favorite Brand!

Subscribe membership to your favorite brand! And get the benefit for the subscription!

Refer Your Favorite Brand To Your Friend

Refer your favorite brand and you & your friend might get reward!

Help Brand to Sell Product and Earn Reward!

Recommend a product to your friend, buyer will get the discount, and you will get reward at every purchase from your shared link!

Mission Activities by TADA Helps Businesses Achieve Sales Targets and Stay Connected with Customers

Engage more with Member and Increase Sales Targets with Mission Activities!

Member Get Member

Let your loyal customer promote your store and get new members!

Payment Activities

Here is our detailed information about your payment activities

Order On Table

Online Delivery Service is now available that can be used by our Merchant!

Member Get Leads

Let your member submit leads to you!

Account Settings

Set your account in the easiest way!

Tada Account Security

Our Security System is tight and safe! This is to make sure that it is totally safe to use our Apps!

OTP Verification Unsuccessful

Here are our tips to deal with OTP, so it is clear now!

Making an Order

Here is our guide to make an order, do not hesitate, order now!

Points Earn Rate

Here how our point systems are!

Check E-Voucher Expiration Date

Before using it, check your e-voucher expiration date!

Login to Tada Apps

Let’s get started with Tada!

Remove Item From Cart

Chosen the wrong item or you need to change it? Just Remove it and pick again!

Can I See If Customer is Using Mixed Payment Method in Delivery Order?

What if my customers use mixed payment method in Delivery Order? Where can I see the details?

Check Member, Top-up, and Redeem Points by Email

Now you can check Check Member, Top-up, and Redeem Points by Email by email.

Autocomplete Search Suggestion for SKU, Category, and Item Name

We have suggestion feature now, just type first 3 characters or SKU number and our app will give you suggestion!

Add Shipping ID & Tracking Number in Order Receipt and Order Detail (For Virtual Franchise and Shop Feature)

Now our Shipping ID is visible to anyone, no more confusion for cashier, courier, and member!

Privileges Engagement Features: Survey

Customize your Question Type and set Question as Optional in your Privileges Survey

Face ID / Fingerprint for Login & Redemption

Now, it is even easier to login to our up! But, it is still secure! Use your face or fingerprint to login!

Approver Information Added in The Mission Approval or Rejection

More detail information provided! See who exactly approve/reject your submitted mission!

Limitations for Shipping Method (GoSend, Grab, Lalamove)

Here you can find some of limitation for using this shipping method

Did you know? Now We Also Use Email as Primary Identification!

Remember we need to have members’ phone numbers because it’s our primary identification. Now we can also use email!

How Can I Contact Tada’s Team?

Having problems redeeming voucher? Or just have some questions about us? Here’s how you can contact us!