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Refer Your Friend For Membership

Share your brand membership to your friend!

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Share your brand membership with your friend and get rewarded! Now sharing membership with friends is so easy. Within a few clicks, your friend can get the membership benefit as well! Here are a few steps to do it:

  1. Open your Tada App and go to your membership card that you want to share
  1. Click “Referral” menu to refer your friend
  1. Share it through whatever channel you want! And you might get your reward as well!
  1. In this case, the link is shared through WhatsApp, choose the contact, and send it!
  1. Your friend will receive the link, all they need to do is just click on the link!
  1. Then they need to insert their number, verify the number by inputting OTP, and create a PIN
  1. To access their membership card, your friend will also need to fill out the membership form! And now your friend is a member!
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