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How To Keep My Account Secure?

Our Security System is tight and safe! This is to make sure that it is totally safe to use our Apps!

To keep your account secure and to prevent fraud, make sure you understand and comply to the following guidelines. Here are our tips that you could follow to maximize our security system:

  1. OTP or verification code is confidential. Do not share it with anyone including those claiming to be TADA employees or related Corporate or Merchant.
  1. When doing any payments, only transfer to official TADA bank account which can be found in TADA app according to the amount stated on the payment page.
  1. Please take extreme care when you receive a message from someone asking you to access a specific URL. The one and only TADA official website is https://www.usetada.com/
  1. Change your TADA account password or PIN regularly. Avoid using the same password with other TADA accounts you have.
  1. TADA will send information about promotion, giveaways, and other information through official and verified media such as website, blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and through email with @usetada.com domain. Care must be taken when you receive information outside the official and verified media channels claiming to be on behalf of TADA.
  1. Should there be any issue regarding your TADA account security, feel free to reach us through email at info@usetada.com or by pressing the “Contact Us” button below.
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