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Activating TADA Plugin in Shopify

Activate Tada Plugin, now available on Shopify!


TADA Plugin helps you connect the Shopify e-commerce platform with TADA Loyalty and CRM systems. Year after year, we find that it took a very high effort for a brand to create its own loyalty/CRM system, especially when the business is highly dependent on online commerce.

Installing this plugin will simplify your loyalty program creation since TADA has prepared a ready-to-use environment, infrastructure, and system for you. Any completed transaction happening in your online commerce will automatically generate points and add the customer to be a member.

Next, you will be able to reach members easily using the TADA campaign and engagement platform which we will describe in another section.


  1. In your web browser, go to the URL: https://apps.shopify.com/tada-retention-platform. This URL will allow you to install TADA Plugin for only $10 / month. Click the "Add App" button in that URL to start the installation process.
  1. Input email and password that are registered in Shopify Store to login
  1. Click the button “Approve Charges” and the TADA plugin will be successfully installed on your Shopify Store apps. Click the apps to enter the settings page
  1. In the TADA setup section, input your program credentials code. This code will be provided by the TADA team. Since this credential is unique and confidential, please don't share it with any unrelated party
  1. Configure and customize the button design. Then click "Confirm & Save Change"

The plugin is now up and ready to be used!

If you have any questions regarding this feature, kindly email us at product@usetada.com.

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