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Insight by Tada April 2022 Release

Here are our TADA Insight features release for April 2022

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Here are our new dashboard release features for April 2022.

1. Prevent Fraud by Implementing Redemption with Approval

Redemption Approval feature helps you to avoid fraud and future suspicious redemption. It is clear that during the digital era fraud frequently happens, hence why this feature is needed to keep our loyalty program crystal clear. By using this feature, business owners can make sure which redemption fulfils the criteria.

2. New Looks for Print Shipping Label

Shipping Label is improved to be more user-friendly and the improved design makes the information clear and easy to read. We are introducing our new easy-to-read shipping order.

3. Personalized WhatsApp Blast with Customer Name

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms these days with its 2 billion active users worldwide. Not only for personal communication, but WhatsApp is also widely used for business. This new feature allows blasting messages through WhatsApp with customer names written in the message to increase customer engagement.

4. Send Many Vouchers in One Click

Sending several vouchers in one click is now possible, this new feature allows you to send several vouchers to specific/few customer(s) in ONE PROCESS. This could save more time and several manual processes in terms of sending vouchers compared to before when they need to be sent one by one.

5. Download Report Improvement

It is now easier to download data, even the big one or the one with long-range. The new download report improvement enables users to download data even from years behind without any disturbance or cut. It is more robust, faster, and say no to time-out.

6. Customize Fees for your Online Ordering (Dine-in, Take Away, Delivery Order)

The delivery fee is now customizable to your needs. There are a lot of obstacles and factors involved during the delivery process. Now, with this feature, those delivery problems won’t bother you anymore, since you can customize additional fees for the orders your customers made.


Product Team

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