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Insight by Tada April 2022 V2 Release

Here are our TADA Insight features release for April 2022

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Here are our additional dashboard release features for April 2022.

1. Manage Order & Redemption using Store Filter

Monitoring Order and Redemption is now even easier! You can pick a specific store in the filter to check your order or redemption data as easily as one click. This filter could make monitoring activities much simpler, you can check the details for orders from shop & virtual franchise.

2. Published Time Information for Your Campaign

This feature allows you to see in detail the published time for your campaign, it prevents you from creating redundant campaigns which also save the business a lot of money. Also, the data is very wide & specific, including: the created & publish date, number of recipients, how many messages were delivered, opened, clicked, and revenue details as well. Especially, the published date that is very useful if you create a scheduled campaign where a queue is involved.

3. Name Change on Orders and Submission Menu

Now the name is more specific and representative! The order tab changed into “Order & Redemption”, since the redemption is also available in this tab from now. While Submission is changed into “Privilege Submission” to make it more specific for submission in terms of privileges in the apps.

4. Additional Reason Field in Submission Download List

Further Verification is needed for some submissions in terms of privileges. After accepted or rejected, the reason could be written whether it has fulfilled the conditions or not. Now, it is visible & summarized in the report so it is easier to monitor the verification process.

5. New OTP Format

OTP is very important to use nowadays for user safety, but it should be clear so it does not confuse the user. Now our OTP message is easier to read, it is more user friendly and crystal clear. This improvement is important since wrong input could result in account blocking, hence we removed the info contact in OTP messages to avoid users mistake it as the OTP.


Product Team

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