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Tada API Response Update June 2023

New Item Type Value in API Response for Physical Voucher, Gold Item, Donation & Data Package

Hi Friends!

We would like to inform you that we made a slight adjustment to the Item type value in our API Response. This adjustment aims to improve our API data and performance to give you faster, more reliable services.

API response changes

We will be adding additional itemType values to some of our items replacing the existing ones. Please see below for details:

When will these changes be effective?

We will implement these changes on 31 July 2023. Please inform your development team to do the necessary changes on your end as this might affect the existing integrations.

Need help?

Should you have any queries regarding the updates, please feel free to write us at livechat.usetada.com or contact your Customer Success.

Thank you for being Tada customers.

Best Regards,

Tada Team

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