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Tada App & Website Releases and Features Improvement June 2022

Here are our TADA App & Website Releases and Features Improvement June 2022

Hi Friend,

Here are our App and Website new feature releases and improvements for June 2022. These features will be released on Thursday, 30th June 2022.

1. Track Your Order Easily

Our system used to require you to go to the history list and then click on the transaction to see the details to find out updates on your shop, item redemption, or delivery order.  With our feature improvements, now you will be able to easily track your ongoing orders right on your card detail page with no hassle.

2. Engage Your Members in Mission Activity with Bonus Rewards

Encourage your members to engage in all tasks in the mission activities by giving them additional rewards. Now, your members can see what bonus rewards they will get once they finish all the tasks in the mission right at the bottom of the tasks.

Setting up the reward from Client side using Dashboard

The mission with bonus rewards from the end-user side

3. UI/UX Improvement for Inputting PIN (for Android)

We have improved the user experience on your app by having the keypad show up directly when users get to the OTP & PIN inputting page. Previously, users needed to tap on the input box for the keypad to show up.  The new UI/UX enables users to key in their PIN right away without needing to tap on anything first.

4. Bugs Fixing

We know how annoying it is to type the Virtual Account number one by one and go back and forth between our app and the mobile banking app. So we fixed the issue! Now, making payment is as easy as 123, copy, paste, and pay.  Previously, we had also been experiencing bugs when users tried to upload a photo in mission activity that caused the app to crash. Now the bug is squashed! Let’s go join a mission~

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.  We will be happy to help if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Tada Product Team


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