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Tada App, White Label App & White Label Website June 2022 Release

Here are our TADA App and White Label Website features release for June 2022

Hi Friend,

Here are our Tada App, Whitelabel App & Whitelabel Website new feature release and improvements on our Internal Tools for June 2022. These features will be release on Monday, 6th June 2022.

1. PIN is Mandatory for Selling Point / Withdrawal

Account security is one of our priorities! Now PIN will be required when users want to sell or withdraw their points. We created this feature in order to protect your wallet to the next level. So, worry no more with your account's safety!

2. New Background Color for Scan QR

We have good news for your users! We changed our background color on the QR code page since we think the blue color background is too dominant and doesn’t follow your brand guideline. Now, we adjust it as you wish! We use your primary background color setting for those pages in your whitelabel app and a white background color for your whitelabel website. Now it's even clearer and easier to scan, enjoy!

3. More Flexibility in Privileges Engagement Features (Question Type Options & Optional Questions)

You can customize your survey in the privileges menu to the next level in our app! We have improved our question type in our privileges features and now you are able to set some questions as optional as well. Previously, the question types in our privileges are only radio button, free text, and checkbox questions. Now, we have a lot more for you to customize your question. We have short text, long text, radio button, email, phone number, date picker, dropdown, checkbox, file upload, rating, tag location, time picker, upload image and take photo. Now you can customize your questions, and even set some question(s) as optional.

4. Sticky Program Removal

Every day our engineers are working very hard to build a great product. Currently, we have thousands of features in our wallet app, white label app, white label website, Tada partner app, and dashboard that we need to focus on. Now, it is time to say goodbye to our sticky program, so our engineers could focus on maintaining, improving, and creating more useful features for you. Do not worry! We still have a thousand features coming for you that are useful for your loyalty, reward & virtual franchise program!

5. Face ID / Fingerprint for Login & Redemption (iOS Only)

Good news for the iOS user, it is now easier to log in! Besides using PIN, we also have this security feature that uses Face ID and fingerprint. This feature is only available for devices that support Face ID or fingerprint authentication. You can set it in the settings in a very easy way to enable or disable the Face ID/Fingerprint, and Tada! It is much easier for you to log in now!


Tada Product Team

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