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Tada App, Whitelabel App & Whitelabel Website April 2022 Release

Here are our TADA App, Whitelabel App, and Whitelabel Website features release for April 2022

Hi Friend,

Here are our Tada App, Whitelabel App & Whitelabel Website new feature release and improvements on our Internal Tools for April 2022. These Features will be release on Wednesday, 27th April 2022.

1. New Redemption Options: Mobile Postpaid Payment (Indonesia Region)

Now Members are able to redeem points and rewards to pay for postpaid mobile phone billing in a few clicks. New redemption option is available and can be added to your program, ask our client representative team now.

2. PIN Implementation & New Login Page Journey

Your account security is our priority! PIN is now implemented for login and redemption, compared to OTP which can be costly, while PIN is free and safe. Member must enter PIN to login and before redeeming their points in the app and web. Also, with the new login page implemented, our app will check whether the user already has a PIN or not. The user will be asked to enter their PIN if they have already created one while verification method through OTP will be asked if the customer has not created a pin before.

3. Remaining Attempts Information For Request OTP, Input OTP, And Input PIN

Say no more to blocked account! As part of security system, the number of attempts to request OTP is limited. The same goes for OTP request, incorrect OTP input, and incorrect PIN input which is limited to 3 times only or else the account will be locked temporarily. Now, the remaining attempts are informed when user requests OTP, input OTP, and input PIN so it is clear for the user.

4. Hiding Category Without Any Items In Shop, Redeem & Virtual Franchise Web Feature

Now there is no more confusion for the users with redundant categories! Categories will only be seen when there is an item inside, so it is clear and it avoids confusion for the users. It also gives a better experience for customers when purchasing or redeeming items.

5. Customize Primary & Secondary Background For Your White-Label App

Your color will match your brand! Now your background color on the white-label app is customizable, you can choose your brand color for your white-label apps. It will look better, matches your brand color, and also gives a better experience for the users.

6. Redemption Journey Now Improved On Your White-Label Website

Redemption process is now easier and much more simple! Multiple steps were painful for members but now it is just in a few clicks. The reward will be received by the user in a few simple clicks, as easy as 1…..2…..3! Enjoy!!

7. Customize The OTP Verification Method Options For Your Members In Your Whitelabel-Website

Either Whatsapp or SMS you can customize your verification method! Now you can send OTP using a few methods through your Whitelabel Website, just pick which one you preferred! We provide OTP verification methods to be sent through SMS, WhatsApp, or Both! It can be set up simply through your dashboard! You can set it through the Dashboard > Themes > Landing Menu.

8. Give More Sicepat Service Options For Your Customer In Shop & Virtual Franchise Web Features

It is easier to choose your delivery service options using Sicepat based on your needs! This feature will be useful for the shop and especially for the Virtual Franchise, they could choose the best delivery program to fulfill their customer request. Before, it was just regular SiCepat that was integrated, but now all kinds of delivery are available and integrated.

9. New App Store Rating & Review Experience Inside The APP & Whitelabel App (iOS)

It is easier to rate the White-label app nowadays for iOS users, no need to leave the app! It used to have more steps before which the user was redirected to the app store. Now, app rating can be done directly from the Tada or Whitelabel app without redirecting to the app store which is uncomfortable for our users.

10. Encourage Member To Update Their App More Often

We will remind you to update more, because we want you to have a better experience! Previously the reminder will appear once after the user opens the app 10 times, now the reminder will appear after the user opens the app 3 times. It is important to update the app frequently in order to have a better experience and enjoy our new features!

11. New Powered By Tada Display In White-Label App & Website

Tada Power is so helpful for your customer loyalty program! “Powered by Tada” sign is now visible on our Whitelabel App and Website. It will be there at the bottom of your card list, no matter if you have multiple cards, single card, or after you open the membership card details. It is also visible at the bottom part when the membership card is opened.

12. Active Voucher Will Automatically Be Applied In Delivery Order & Order On The Table Features

Overwhelmed by many vouchers you have? We have the solution! Some customers have a lot of e-vouchers that may cause confusion, previously the expired voucher was also visible which makes the user even more confused. Now, only the active voucher can be applied automatically!

13. Send MAP Point And Garuda Miles E-Voucher To Your Customer!

We have good news! Now you can send a link that contains MAP Points or Garuda Miles e-voucher to your member! It is as simple as a click on the link to redeem. Your reward will be added to your Garuda Miles and MAP Points. You could check your point maximum in 2 days for MAP Points! Then it will be there!

14. Help Button Removed In The Landing Page Of White-Label Website

It looks clean! Now our Landing Page for White-Label Website looks better, it is clean without the help button. All the user is able to see is the background image on the landing page after the help button is removed.


Tada Product Team

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