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Tada Dashboard May 2022 Release

Here are our TADA Dashboard features release for May 2022

Hi Friend,

Here are our Tada Dashboard new feature release and improvements on our Internal Tools for May 2022. These Features will be release on Tuesday, 24th May 2022.

1. Compliment Your Members With Complementary Bulk Top Up!

We have super good news for you who would like to compliment your members! Bulk Top Up is now available to compliment your members in a few clicks! Bulk rewards based on transactions that we already have is a common thing, but what if we just want to give a compliment to our members without them making any transaction? We have the feature now! By using this feature, you are able to give away points to members directly as much as you want. For example: you can do a giveaway on social media or door prize or anything! This action will not add any transaction or revenue to your data analytics as well, so this will not confuse you in the future during the reporting.

2. Detail Tag On SMS And Email E-Voucher

This is another useful feature from us! Now your SMS and Email voucher carries detailed tags and information, including Voucher Name, Voucher Link, Expiry Date, and Merchant Name inside. It is easier for the brand as well, when creating the message, brand just needs to put this tag in the email and the message will be customized based on the tag applied with a specific Merchant Name, Voucher Name, Link, and Expiry Date inside the message. This tag could give detailed information about the voucher which avoids confusion with members since the important information about the voucher is stated!

3. Better Live Chat Through Sociomile

We will keep improving to support you better since you are our priority! We are changing our live chat to Sociomile to make sure we deliver the best support for you! It's more effective now, so our specialized team could assist you faster in the most effective and efficient way!

4. Track Your Order In A Few Clicks

We are human, we always want to get informed about every single thing! Now, you could track your courier location during the food or product delivery with a single click at the tracking button! This feature is applicable for the delivery process through GoSend, Grab, and Lalamove. It is easier for everyone to monitor the delivery process since you can track it in real-time!

5. Check All Of Members Submission

This feature will be useful for you to check all of your missions regardless of the status! We have an “ALL” tab to check all of your submissions, previously our tab was divided into three: “Pending”, “Approved”, and “Rejected”. If users want to check all the submissions regardless of their status, this feature will be useful rather than checking those previous three tabs one by one. It is much easier now, you can see all of them or you can put a specific filter!


Tada Product Team

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