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Tada Feature Releases and Improvements February 2023

Able to limit country code to join, the improved send e-voucher delivery report, and other improvements. Check out here!

Hi Friends!

Here is the update of Tada’s new feature releases and improvements. These features will be released on Thursday, 9th February 2023.

1. Enhanced User Interface for Limited Country Code

Remember we recently had a new function where brands can restrict certain country codes for logging into the program? Previously, we only display an error message if members choose a country code that isn’t on the allowed list. But now we have made an improvement where the system only shows the allowed country codes to avoid confusion for members, especially new joiners.

2. User Journey Improvement in White Label Web

We are upgrading the appearance of the Order Detail page on our website to provide a cleaner look and highlight essential information more effectively. Additionally, it also looks nicer for a more pleasing visual experience. Our date and time picker for the survey and registration form is also upgraded by having easier interactions to deliver a better experience for your members!

New Order Detail Page

New date and time picker

3. Clearer Error Message

Have you ever encountered a frustrating error with a vague message that left you confused about what went wrong and how to fix it? We understand your pain. That's why we are enhancing our error messages to provide more clarity and information. When something unexpected occurs during your experience, we'll let you know exactly what went wrong and provide steps to help resolve the issue.

4. Improvement on Questions Type in Registration Link

Previously, certain question types were not compatible with the registration link, resulting in issues such as the City field being open to free text rather than being restricted to a drop-down list. To address these concerns, we have made updates to ensure that data inputted through the registration link is correctly formatted.

We have made an enhancement to the voucher delivery report menu by adding the voucher link, voucher number, and PIN. This improvement gives brands greater flexibility in how they choose to resend e-vouchers to their members.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. Please reach out to us should you require further information or concerns.

Best Regards,

Tada Product Team

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