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Tada Feature Releases and Improvements November 2022

New proof of delivery to track member’s order, use brand’s code for scan QR point reward, new F&B e-vouchers, and other improvements. Check out here!

Hi Friends,

Here is an update of Tada’s new feature releases and improvements. These features will be released on Wednesday, 2nd November 2022.

1. Improvement of e-Voucher Redemption Instructions

Since there are various e-vouchers' redemption methods, we get that it can get a little confusing on how to use them. So, now we have made some changes to make the redemption instructions crystal clear.

Instruction for online e-voucher redemption

Instruction for in-store e-voucher redemption

2. Tracking Detail with Proof of Delivery

New additional information for our tracking detail page! Now members can see the image of delivery proof in their tracking history if the courier provided one. To check the proof of delivery (POD), you can go to History Detail > Track.

3. New Redemption Options: Additional F&B e-Voucher (KFC, Tous Les Jours, Ta Wan and many more)

To delight your members, we’ve added new F&B e-voucher from KFC, Tous Les Jours, Ta Wan and many more. This new redemption option will be automatically available in your program. If not, our client representative team will help you with it.

4. Enable Scan QR Code for Your Members to Get the Points / e-Voucher by using Your Own Code

Previously, you can only use our QR code to give points / e-vouchers to your members. But now you can use your own existing code! You just need to give it to us and your members will get the points / e-voucher after they scan the QR code.

5. Improvement on e-Voucher & Level Cycle Expiry Date Based on Brand’s Time Zone

Now the e-voucher expiry date and the level cycle date are shown based on the brand’s time zone instead of matching the member’s time zone to ensure that we show a correct expiry date to the members.

6. Limit Number of Additional Bonus Rewards that can be Earned for Each Member

Previously, we can’t limit the number of additional bonus rewards that members can earn. Now, you can set up the maximum number of additional bonus rewards that can be earned for each member!

7. New Function to Add Store in Bulk

We know that sometimes one brand can have many stores, so we present to you, the bulk add store feature in our Dashboard! You only need to download the template that we have provided, fill in all the fields as instructed, upload the file back to the Dashboard, and voila! You have managed to add multiple stores in one go.

8. New Validation for Your Campaign Recipient List

To improve user experience when sending campaigns to list of members from our Dashboard, we have added validation for the phone numbers/emails. So when there are some invalid phone numbers/emails in the file you uploaded, the Dashboard will automatically let you know and prevent you from sending the campaigns. You can even download the report of the invalid phone numbers/emails! Now we can be assured that all campaigns are only sent to valid members only.

9. Member List Download Performance Improvement

Previously, we were using XLS format file for member list reports from the Dashboard. However, we found sometimes when the file size is too large, the report failed to send altogether. Now we have changed the report format file to CSV to eliminate any error while sending the report no matter how big the file is!

10. Improvement on Approve/Reject Submission for OCR Integration

Currently, we already have OCR technology to read and analyze each receipt for brand to approve/reject. But sometimes it takes a little longer to read and brand need to wait for the reading to complete. Now, we have made it possible so that brand doesn’t have to wait for the OCR reading to be completed before approving/rejecting the receipt submission!

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. Please reach out to us should you require further information or concerns.

Best Regards,

Tada Product Team

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