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Tada New Feature Releases and Improvements September 2022

Here are our Tada New Feature Releases and Improvements September 2022

Hi Friend,

Here is an update of Tada’s new feature releases and improvements. These features will be released on Wednesday, 7th Sept 2022.

1. New Redemption Options: PDAM Billing Payment (Indonesia Region)

Now members are able to redeem their points and rewards to pay for PDAM billing in a few clicks. This new redemption option will be automatically available in your program. If not, ask our client representative team to enable this redemption option in your program.

2. Email as Primary Identification & Login for Your Whitelabel Website & App

Now, you can use email as a primary identification & login for your customer in your website/apps. Previously, we only used phone numbers as a primary identification & login for your customer. Some of you may request email as a primary identification as you only have email data. Tadaa! You can do it now!

Login page with email from user side

Adding point from Tada Partner using email

3. Face ID / Fingerprint for Login & Redemption (Android Only)

Good news for the Android user because it is now easier to log in! Besides using PIN, we also have this security feature that uses Face ID and fingerprint. This feature is only available for devices that support Face ID or fingerprint authentication. You can set it in the settings easily to enable or disable the biometric and now, it is much easier for you to log in & redeem.

4. Track Your Order in More Detail

Previously, you could only see the general order status whether your item was in process / on delivery / completed. Now, you can easily track your order in more detail and see the order’s delivery status, whether your item is already in your city or still in the origin warehouse.

5. New Tag Location Display & Journey

Now, we’ve improved our tag location feature from Heremap to Google Maps. We know that it was not easy for a user to tag their location and for the brand to check the latlong. So, we add address detail information along with the latitude & longitude from Google Maps in Dashboard.

User side when they are tagging location

Brand side from the tag location submission on Dashboard

6. Hide Card Acceptance Section for Open Loop Redemption Program (Tada Rewards)

Previously, card acceptance lists can be misleading for the user as they would expect that all the brands can accept both offline and online transactions. Now, it’s hidden and users can go to the redeem meals & redeem button to see all the redemption options that we provide.

Display for brands that use open loop (no offline store)

Display for brands with offline store

7. New Live Chat Feature to Contact Tada

Previously, users & brands will be redirected to WhatsApp to be able to contact Tada. However, we saw that it’s hard to track and monitor the complaints & issues for all parties involved. Therefore, we released a new live chat feature with the ticketing system so we can track & monitor the complaints & issues. We hope that this will improve our SLA & your satisfaction.

8. New Member’s Data in My Profile Menu

Previously, members could only edit their name, email, and gender on My Profile page. Now, members can edit the data that they already submitted before in the registration form through the My Profile menu. But worry not! They can only edit the data that you allow them to.

9. Maintenance Mode at Delivery Order Website

For a better customer experience and avoid confusion, we will be showing Maintenance Mode on our Delivery Order website during the maintenance period, which usually happens during midnight.

10. Expiry Reminders via Push Notification or Email

Previously, expiry reminders for both wallet expiry and e-Voucher expiry were mandatory to be sent via push notification. Now brands can choose whether they want to send the expiry reminder via push notification, email, or not at all.

Expiry points reminder sent via push notification

Expiry points reminder sent via email

11. Level Cycle by Quarterly or Fixed Date

We have enhanced our Level feature so now brands can set the level cycle based on quarterly or fixed dates. This means every customer will have the same level cycle, for example, every 31st Dec of the year, or every quarter.

Level cycle fixed date display

Level cycle quarterly display

12. New Rules on Sending SMS

To provide optimal service, we are enforcing new rules for sending SMS to members. We will limit the maximum character of the message to 150 characters. For sending vouchers via SMS, there are also character cuts for the tags, which are 52 characters for voucher links, 11 characters for expiry date, and 80 characters for voucher names.

13. Update PPN to 11% on Invoice

Based on the new Value Added Tax (PPN) regulations in Indonesia, the current VAT has increased from 10% to 11%. For this reason, we apply a new VAT calculation in the invoice menu accordingly to 11%.

14. Implement Text Formatting for Product Description Template

Good news! Now we can implement text formatting such as bold, italics, underlines, etc for product descriptions via bulk product edits. This can be done by simply inputting the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format in the template file that has been provided. But if you don't want to use any text formatting, then you can write the description as usual.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in us.  Please reach out to us should you require further information or concerns.

Best Regards,

Tada Product Team

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