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Tada Partner App June 2022 Release

Here are our TADA Partner features release for June 2022

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At Tada, we strive for continuous improvements and innovations.   So, we are excited to inform you about Tada Partner App’s new feature release and enhancements for June 2022. These features will be released on Thursday, 2nd June 2022.  We hope that these new features will enhance your user experience!

1. A more detailed payment information on Tada Partner App for online order

Good news for your cashier! Now we have more information on our receipt page on Tada Partner App regarding the payment used for online order.  The new feature allows cashiers to see detailed information of the payment methods when members pay with Tada Wallet only or when they mix the payment with other methods that are available with Tada Wallet.  So, cashiers can easily choose the right payment methods in the POS.

2. Check Member, Top-up, and Redeem Points by Email

We have a new feature for you! Now you can login by email as a primary member’s account for your program. This function is only applicable for new programs. The new feature enables you to easily check your members, make top-up, or redeem points! You can search your member’s account using their email address on Tada Partner App, in addition to their phone number. So, it is now easier for your cashier to search for a specific member!

3. Autocomplete Search Suggestion for SKU, Category, and Item Name

We aim to ensure that you and your operation team can efficiently and conveniently navigate your Tada Partner App.  So, we have added a new feature where you will be able to view an autocomplete search suggestion for SKU, category, and item name on a dropdown list.  With the autocomplete search suggestions, cashiers are simply required to enter the first 3 digits of any product’s code and Tada Partner App will show the complete search suggestions for them to choose.

4. Add Shipping ID & Tracking Number in Order Receipt and Order Detail (For Virtual Franchise and Shop Feature)

Sending goods could be quite challenging for the cashier, courier, and everyone involved, especially when it involves shipping goods from Virtual Franchises and Shop Order.  But worry no more!  Now, we have enhanced Tada Partner App so that it includes both shipping ID and tracking numbers in the order detail and print receipt.  This way, all parties involved will have the same identification number for each good that needs to be picked up and delivered.


Tada Product Team

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