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How to Change Email Sender

You can change your email sender for campaigns and send e-Vouchers.

You can customize the sender for your campaign email now! It is as easy as changing it at the dashboard and finishing, with this feature you can also engage more with your members! Follow the following step to customize your campaign sender:

How to Change The Email Sender Setting?

  1. Open the “Campaign” menu, then select the “Email sender setting” sub menu
  1. Click the “Change” button
  1. Enter the email that will be used as the default email sender, then click “Send verification code
    1. Notion image
  1. The system will send an OTP to the email listed in point 3, click “Link” on the email link
  1. Next, we will send a CNAME which will be sent via the email listed in point 3. We will send 3 CNAMEs, each CNAME will have “host” and “data”.
  1. Open your DNS manager, enter the host and data from the 3 CNAMEs into your DNS manager
    1. If you use GoDaddy as your DNS manager, go into the domain portfolio
    2. Click the button (three dots) and select “Edit DNS
    3. Click “Add
    4. You will be shown with several fields that need to be filled:
        • Type: Select “CNAME
        • Name: Enter the host but without the domain, you are using. For example host: em2283.usetada.com then you need to input “em2283” (without .usetada.com)
        • Value: Enter the data contained in your domain email. For example data: u14233353.wl104.sendgrid.net then enter "u14233353.wl104.sendgrid.net" in the value column
        • TTL: Select “Default

      e. Click “Add record” to finish adding the CNAME. Enter all CNAME that we have sent to the domain email.

  1. Open the "Email sender setting" sub-menu again and check the status of the email sender change. If the process status is successful, the new email will be in the "Current active sender email"
  1. Try to send e-Voucher using email, and it will send with new email domain!

How Long Will This Process Take?

This process will take 48 hours after the user inputs the CNAME into the DNS manager that you are using. Make sure you check regularly by opening the "Email sender settings" sub-menu.

Additional informational

You need to prepare your email domain, but you are not allowed to use Gmail/yahoo/other default domains.

Sample Display Email Sender

Notion image
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