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How To Register Sender Name SMS

Here we provide all information about the Registration Sender Name SMS

As a business, an official presence on communication platforms such as SMS is becoming increasingly important. Creating Sender Name on this platform can help increase the trust of your members and customers, as well as increase the visibility of your brand. This article will help you to explore Masking Sender Name SMS.

What Vendors Does TADA Work with?

TADA works with Makrokiosk and Jatis Mobile for Sender Name SMS Registration.

What If The Client has Registered an SMS Sender Name?

If the Client has registered a Sender Name and uses the same Vendor with TADA (either Makrokiosk or Jatis Mobile), the client only needs to inform to TADA team and the Client can use the existing Sender Name.

If the client uses a different vendor with TADA, they must register new sender name SMS.


The brand can only register 1 sender ID for 1 company, if the Brand wants to register more than 1 sender ID, please make a statement regarding the differences in the use of the sender ID for Makrokiosk. This is only a submission, approval is determined from the operator's side.

For Jatis, the brand does not have to submit a statement. Only submit 6 forms of documents.

Things Need to Prepare for Registration

Masking Sender Name SMS takes around one month after all documents are submitted. To submit Sender Name SMS Registration, the client needs to provide some legal documents. These documents are

1. Forms Documents

The client must complete and submit ten sender name register forms (6 for Jatis, and 5 For Makrokiosk).  For the template, the Client can access here: Surat Pengajuan Sender ID

These documents also need to be signed, wet stamped, and have an IDR 10,000 stamp duty to ensure legality of the document. Some clients who prefer to use digital signatures can use digital signatures. However, the Client also can use their digital signature using Privy, Digisign, Peruri, Xignature, etc. For details, check https://tte.kominfo.go.id/

#Please use a manual signature, stamp duty IDR 10.000, and company wet stamp for Smartfren. This applies to TADA and Client#


  • Please fill it up with the authorization Letter and send us an email so we can proceed with the Telco approval.
  • All documents need to be in PDF and can not be larger than 500KB in size
  • Category Regular SMS: For promotional message
  • Category Premium SMS: For OTP message

2. NPWP (Tax ID Number)

Another document that needs to be fulfilled is the company's NPWP. This document must be attached to serve as material for a review that shows that the company is a legal entity and is registered in taxation.

3. Link Client's website/Playstore

It will be good if the client's website provides information about the business line, brand name, and company name clearly. The client needs to mention Brand Name, Company Name, Sender ID name (if different with Brand/Company name), and description of the business on the menu “about us” so the provider will find it easier to review the Client's business line.

4. OJK Document (Finance Category)

5. Link Member Form

This is necessary to provide an overview of how the brand collected data of its members.


Every country has different requirements, because per country has its process, and completion times for registration vary by the destination country.

How Long this Process will Take?

Masking Sender Name SMS takes around 6 weeks after all documents are submitted.

What is the Maximum Length of the Sender Name SMS?

The maximum number of characters that can be raised is 11 characters, including alphanumeric and spaces. Registered sender id must have a connection/similarity with the client company (such as the sender id is a company product, etc)

Flow Process of Masking Sender Name SMS


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