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How To Register Sender Name WhatsApp

Here we provide all information about Registration Sender Name WhatsApp

As a business, an official presence on communication platforms such as WhatsApp is becoming increasingly important. Creating Sender Name on this platform can help increase the trust of your members and customers, as well as increase the visibility of your brand. This article will help you to explore Masking Sender Name WhatsApp

What Vendors Does TADA Work with?

TADA works with ValueFirst and Bahasa.ai for Sender Name WhatsApp registration.

What if the client has registered an SMS Sender Name?

If the Client has registered his Sender Name and uses the same Vendor as TADA (ValueFirst), the client only needs to inform to TADA team and the Client can use the existing Sender Name.

If the client uses a different vendor, they must register a new sender name WhatsApp.

Things Need to Prepare for Registration

When compared to SMS Sender Name Registration, this registration also takes around one month to process but does not require binding documents. In short, masking Sender Name WhatsApp only needs to attach one document, called WABA Use Case Document. But in this document, some need to be considered in more detail.

The WABA Use Case document is a form that includes clear information about the details of the company and details of the Masking to be used. The following points are the data that needs to be prepared:

  1. Detail Information about the Company
    1. Information such as company name, profile, address, detailed business line, and website.

  1. Verified BMID (Business Manager ID)
    1. To find out BMID verification status, the client can visit their Facebook Business Accounts and then move to settings>Business Information. On this page, clients can check their BMID number and status.

      Those whose BMID has not been verified need to verify their BMID first by following this explanation :

      Bahasa: Memverifikasi Bisnis Anda di Pengaturan Bisnis

      English:  Verified Client Business in Business Settings

      It may take up to 2-10 days for the Client verification request to be reviewed. Once verified, the client needs to input BMID on the template, and the attached confirmed BMID screenshot has been verified.

  1. Link Client Website
    1. It will be good if the client's website provides information about the business line, brand name, and company name clearly. The client needs to mention Brand Name, Company Name, Sender ID name (if different with Brand/Company name), and description of the business on the menu “about us” so the provider will find it easier to review the Client's business line.

  1. Display WA 500x500 pixels for the Account photo profile
  1. Phone Number
    1. The suggested phone number to use is a postpaid phone number, to make sure the phone number is always active to send messages.

      There are two types of numbers the Client can use for Masking the Sender Name:

      • Fresh Sim Card
    2. Register the Simcard to the operator (follow the steps given by each operator)
    3. Do not register the number into ANY apps or WhatsApp Mobile app
    4. Put it on standby mode (once WhatsApp is approved, then we will send the OTP to that mobile number)
    5. Please keep maintaining the active period of the Simcard (critical)
      • Existing SimCard
    6. Backup WhatsApp mobile chats on apps
    7. Deactivate the account on WhatsApp mobile app
    8. Put it on standby mode (once WhatsApp is approved, then we will send the OTP to that mobile number)
    9. Mobile numbers cannot be registered again into WhatsApp apps.
    10. Please keep maintaining the active period of the Simcard (critical)
  1. Link Reference
    1. To provide more details information and review materials, the brand has to provide a minimum of 5 link references with different sources and topics (if any). It would be better if a brand can provide links from professional news websites with a large audience and well-known. A brand can use International or Local news websites, not including personal websites, internal websites, paid promotions, or articles from social media.

How Long this Process will Take?

Masking Sender Name WhatsApp takes around one month after all documents are submitted.

What is the Maximum Length of the Sender Name WhatsApp?

The maximum number of characters that can be submitted is 20 characters, including alphanumeric and spaces. Registered sender name must have a connection/similarity with the client company (such as the sender id is a company product, etc)

Additional Information

This registration is not always the goal on the first shot. The submission that is rejected by WhatsApp can submit again (same registration) only after H+30 days since the previous submission. On the first shot, META will review the submission documents. Once it is eligible for META, the submission will be approved. If it is not eligible, META will deliver a review and feedback. For more details, the Client can check WhatsApp  business messaging and commerce policies through this article How to comply with the WhatsApp Business Messaging and Commerce policies

Once the client's business complies with the WhatsApp Business Messaging and Commerce Police policy rules, there is still a possibility Masking request will be rejected by Meta. Another thing that affects it is Notability. Based on the existing cases, notability is an example of review and feedback that is most often given by Meta. To support this, Meta will ask the client to deliver several reference links from official news portals (national/international) that mention the Client's brands/companies as Meta review material. This article excludes personal/internal website posts, social media, or paid promotions.

Flow Process of Masking Sender Name WhatsApp


Notion image

WhatsApp Daily Limitation

For now, every new account will state in the first tier (1K), so the new accounts will have a limitation to send 1K messages/within 24 hours. But don’t worry, the client can go up to the next tier after the client has initiated X or more conversations with unique customers, where X is the client’s current messaging limit divided by 2. Click for more details: Messaging Limits.


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