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How to Process Physical Items Order via Dashboard

How do I process physical items order from Shop/Virtual Franchise/Redemption?

Got physical items order that needs to be delivered and wondering how you can process them?

First, let’s cover the shipping options that we have here in Tada! We divide our shipping options into basically 2 categories: orders that will be automatically picked up when ready, and orders that you (the brand) will need to send.

If you choose to have the orders automatically picked up, customers will choose which courier they want to use from the available options (JNE, Gosend, Grab, J&T, etc).

But if you choose to send the orders yourselves, you can choose to send them using your own internal courier, or you can send them using a third-party courier of your choosing.

Okay! Now that we have covered the shipping method options, let’s talk about how to process them. The first one is how to process orders using your own internal courier or your choice of third-party courier:

  1. Go to our Dashboard and click on the Orders&Redemptions menu
  1. Check on the New Order tab and click Confirm on the orders that you want to process
  1. After that, the order will move to the Need to be Sent tab
  1. Once the order is ready and you have shipped the package, click Process and input the courier name and the tracking number
  1. Now your order will move to On Delivery tab
  1. Once your order has been delivered to your customer, our Dashboard will detect the tracking number and the order will automatically move to the Completed tab. But if there should be any problem, worry not! You can still manually change the status to completed by clicking “complete” on the order while it’s still On Delivery tab
Notion image

Now if we are processing orders using the shipping method of the customer’s choosing, it’s even easier!

  1. Follow the same steps until the order is under the Need to be Sent tab
  1. Click Request Pick Up and the courier of your customer’s choosing will come and pick up the package
  1. The order will move to On Delivery tab
  1. Now you just have to wait until the order has been delivered and the order status will automatically change to Completed. So easy!
    1. Notion image

So now the order status will automatically be completed for both shipping method that uses third-party courier. No more manual work of tracking the order and completing the order status!👋🏻

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