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Cannot Access E-voucher

Here are our suggestions if you cannot open your e-voucher!

E-vouchers cannot be opened is a rare thing for us, however, there are several things that might lead this to happen. We are sorry for this inconvenience, these are the possible reasons why your e-voucher cannot be opened and what you can do:

E-Voucher Page Cannot be Open

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet
  1. Make sure your connection is stable
  1. If the e-voucher you have is in a form of a link or URL, we suggest you use Google Chrome to open it for the best experience
  1. Clear Cache or History on your browser on the device
  1. If still not able to open the page, try another web browser or another device
  1. If still not able to open the e-voucher try again in a few minutes or contact us

E-Voucher Rejected by Merchant

  1. Make sure that the e-voucher that you want to use is from the correct brand
  1. Make sure that your e-voucher is active and has not expired
  1. Make sure that your e-voucher still has the “Redeem” button
  1. The internet connection for the store’s and member’s devices should be at its best without interruption or disturbance to be able to complete the digital transaction.
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