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Create New E-Voucher

Creating E-Voucher at the simplest! It is as simple as a few clicks!

Our dashboard is so powerful, so you can create a new e-voucher through TADA Dashboard! It is easy and fast, you could create new e-voucher for special occasion at anytime you wish. Just follow these following steps, we also provide a video of our expert explaining it in this article, please find it below:

  1. Open TADA Dashboard
  1. Select “Create e-Voucher” under the “E-voucher” menu.
  1. Fill in every information needed.
  1. After everything has been set, click on the “Save” button to save the e-voucher.

Here we attach a video of our expert explaining about this dashboard feature and how to create new e-voucher in a few clicks, please find it below.

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