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Dashboard: Card Transaction

Check and monitor all of your card transaction done by your members

Card Transaction defined as the transaction made by the members using their membership cards on a specific merchant. The card transaction data can be filtered according to the start and end dates, transaction ID, card number, and transaction types. More advanced filters can be implemented, such as filtering by customer name, phone number, program ID, store, and transaction status.

The card transaction data based on the applied filter will be displayed as a table below the “Card Transaction Filter” section. These data can be downloaded by the merchant for further usage. These are the steps to check on card transaction in your dashboard, we also provide you a video of our expert explaining this dashboard menu below:

  1. Open our powerful dashboard
  1. Go to the “Transaction” menu, then click “Card Transaction” menu
  1. Here you can monitor all detail information about card transaction done by your member

Here we provide you a video of our expert explaining this directly from our dashboard, so you can have better understanding regarding this dashboard menu

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