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Delivery Report of E-Voucher

Check your delivery report of e-voucher, and make sure your members receive it!

Check the delivery report of your e-voucher and make sure your members receive it! This feature is important and needed to avoid double e-voucher double sending. It is as simple as these following steps, also we provide you a video of our expert explaining this dashboard feature, please find it below:

  1. Open our powerful TADA Dashboard
  1. Select “Delivery Report” under the “E-voucher” menu.
  1. Select the type of e-voucher that you want to check on the report: SMS, email, WhatsApp, or Push Notification.
  1. Filter the data that you want to see by filling in the list filter.
  1. Click on the reference that you want to see the details and you will find the phone number recipient, voucher link, voucher number, the PIN, the status, and the send date.

Here we attach our expert video explaining real implementation about this dashboard feature so you could have better understanding, please find it below.

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