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Detail Tag on SMS and Email E-Voucher

Put a detail tag in your e-voucher and send it through email or SMS!

This is another useful feature from us! Now your SMS and Email voucher carries detailed tags and information, including Voucher Name, Voucher Link, Expiry Date, and Merchant Name inside. It is easier for the brand as well, when creating the message, brand just needs to put this tag in the email and the message will be customized based on the tag applied with a specific Merchant Name, Voucher Name, Link, and Expiry Date inside the message. This tag could give detailed information about the voucher which avoids confusion with members since the important information about the voucher is stated! Brand could do this by following these steps:

  1. Open Dashboard, go to “Send Various E-voucher” sub-menu under the “E-Voucher” menu
  1. Fill the information needed, including the channel you want to send the e-voucher (this tag only available for SMS and Email)
  1. Customize your email information with a tag inside that linked to your customer data
  1. Download the template, fill it, and upload back! Remember it should be the same template the one you downloaded that you uploaded
  1. Then press “Continue”
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