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How To Redeem A Voucher?

Redeem your e-Voucher now in the simplest way!

After becoming a member of your favorite brand and receiving the membership card, you can also redeem your point in exchange for vouchers. The point you earn is exchangeable for a product, for example, the point in our TAD restaurant can be redeemed into a coffee! It is as easy as the following step:

  1. Choose your favorite membership card that you want to redeem
  1. Choose the menu “Redeem” to check the brand redemption voucher
  1. Choose the voucher that you want in exchange for your points, then click “Redeem”
  1. Make sure the quantity is correct and press “Redeem”
  1. Check the details before checking out and press “Continue To Payment”
  1. Press the points that you want to exchange
  1. Confirm your payment using points and press “Yes”
  1. Enter your PIN for security measure
  1. Then press “Finish”!
  1. Your redemption process is complete and you can see the e-Voucher in the “My Voucher” menu and they are ready to be used!
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