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How to Redeem My Points to Pay PDAM Billing?

Got water bills to pay? We got you! Here’s how you can use your points to pay for your PDAM bill🥳

Now members are able to redeem their points and rewards to pay for PDAM billing in a few clicks. This new redemption option will be automatically available in your program. If not, ask our client representative team to enable this redemption option in your program.

Here’s how to redeem the points:

  1. Click the “Redeem” button
  1. Choose “Billing” category
  1. Choose “Air PDAM”
  1. Fill in your customer number and click “Check Bill”
  1. Click “Continue to Payment” if the bill is already correct
  1. Choose the point to use to pay
  1. Confirm the payment
  1. Voila! Your water bill is paid!
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