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How to Redeem Traveloka Point e-Voucher

Now we have Garuda Miles e-Voucher for your member! Check here to see it!

Now we have integration with Traveloka, we have a Traveloka voucher now and this voucher could be redeemed into Traveloka points! Just follow the following steps to make it happen:

  1. Member will get an SMS/Email containing the redemption link and PIN inside and simply press the given link!
  1. Enter the 6 digits PIN received in the SMS/Email
  1. E-Voucher will be shown and you can redeem it directly by pressing the “Tukarkan”/”Redeem” button
  1. Insert the number Phone number
  1. Press “Yes”/”Ya” to confirm the Garuda Miles top-up
  1. You have successfully redeemed the e-Voucher, check your Garuda Miles will automatically be added.
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