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How To Use e-Voucher Link?

Easiest Way to use your e-Voucher!

  1. Make sure you have received the e-Voucher link on your app/SMS/registered email.
  1. Click on the e-Voucher link on your app/SMS/registered email.
  1. Enter your 6-digit PIN if prompted.
  1. On the e-Voucher page, you can see the Terms & Conditions and validity period of the e-Voucher.
  1. Choose “Click to Use” to show the e-Voucher code that will be used/shown to the cashier/store. Make sure that this action is only completed when you have reached the cashier or are about to use the e-Voucher according to the Terms & Conditions, except for eCommerce e-Vouchers like Tokopedia, Blibli, Grab, etc. We are not responsible if the action is not conducted without the cashier as a witness.
  1. e-Voucher code can directly be shown to the cashier/store and be used to deduct from total purchases except for eCommerce e-Vouchers that must be input manually in the column provided by the eCommerce app/website.
    1. Notion image

      Here is the e-Voucher instructions for in-store redemption

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      And here is the e-Voucher instruction for online redemption

      Notion image
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