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Multiple Vouchers: AND & OR

Thinking of rewarding your customers but not sure what? With multiple vouchers, you can give them various options of rewards!

Multiple e-Vouchers allow you to give your customers various options of rewards & let your customer choose what they want the most!

You may combine all types of vouchers, such as:

  • Internal Digital Voucher
  • External Digital Voucher
  • Physical Item
  • e-Wallet
  • Pulsa
  • Electricity Token (PLN)

Multiple And

One unique link that contains multiple rewards and each of them can be used as long as the link has not yet expired. The flow will be the same as using single e-Voucher. To redeem another voucher, customers only need to access the same link again.

Multiple Or

One unique link contains multiple rewards options. Once one of the options is used, all other options will be unavailable.

The voucher link can be sent via SMS / Email / Whatsapp


This is how to send the multiple e-Vouchers via Dashboard

Notion image

And this is how the voucher link looks like from the customer’s side

Notion image
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