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Protect Your E-Voucher with Password

Now you can send E-Voucher and Protect it with E-Voucher

We care about your account security since one of the shortcomings of humans is carelessness! For that, we offer password security for sending specific e-vouchers and various e-vouchers via email! By using this feature, every file containing e-voucher sent via email can only be opened with a password . The password will be generated by TADA, and will be sent by separate email to the recipient of the e-voucher. This feature will make the recipient's e-voucher more secure. Here are several steps that you could follow to use this features:

  1. Open our powerful Dashboard
  1. Open “E-Voucher”, then “Send Specific E-Voucher”. It is available if you choose more than 1 e-voucher through email only
  1. Fill all the E-Voucher information needed
  1. Enable the password use by clicking on the “Yes” dongle
  1. Then simply “Continue” and press “Send Now”
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