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Redeem Issues

Here are things to do if you have issue for redemption!

Redemption issue is rarely happen in our apps, since we are the best in customer loyalty platform. But if you have issue when trying to redeem? No worries, we are here to help you with any issues regarding your redeem. Here are the steps that you could do:

Cannot Press The Redeem Button

Make sure your card is not hidden. To unhide your card, follow these steps.

1. Open TADA app, tap the profile icon.

Notion image

2. Tap on the “Hidden Cards” menu.

Notion image

3. Tap on the vertical ellipsis button () to access additional menu.

Notion image

4. Tap on the “Unhide Card”.

Notion image

5. Confirm unhiding the card by tapping the “Unhide” button on the pop up message.

Notion image

6. TADA! Your card has been successfully unhidden.

Cannot Redeem with Notification E-Voucher Is Already Used

There are two possible solutions.

1. In the event of such an event, please contact the company, merchant, or related outlet as the issuer and also the sender of the e-voucher in order to be followed up and investigated further.

2. If the e-Voucher is obtained from the redemption process using the TADA app, please reach us immediately through email info@usetada.com or clicking the “Contact Us” button below.

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