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Redemption with Approval

Review and Confirm or Reject redemption transactions, we are helping you to avoid fraud!

The redemption Approval feature helps you to avoid suspicious redemptions and frauds. It is clear that during the digital era, fraud frequently happens. Hence why this feature is needed to keep your loyalty program safe! By using this feature, business owners can set a limit of criteria that deem transactions safe or suspicious.

  1. Customer Redeem their Point(s)
  1. Open Dashboard
  1. Go to the “Order & Redemptions” Segment
  1. Go to the “Waiting for Approval” segment
  1. Redemption transactions that exceed the pre-determined limit criteria will be shown here. You can either reject if it looks suspicious or confirm if you deem it’s fine. The limit criteria that you can set are:
    1. The total amount of redemption in one transaction
    2. The total quantity of redemption items in one day
  1. Then you can check the confirmed redemption transactions in the “Completed” segment.
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