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Claim Rewards Feature

Do you sell your product on e-commerce and want to reward your customers? Find out the easy way how to here!

We have revamped our Claim Points feature into Claim Rewards! This feature now allows members of brands who are integrated with Jubelio to claim rewards for their purchases at Shopee/Tokopedia/Alfamart/Alfamidi/Lawson. This is our act of support in response to Tokopedia and Shopee masking their users’ phone numbers to comply with PPI regulations. With this new feature, members are still able to get rewards by just inputting their transaction number and the total payment! (Available for Indonesian merchants only)


Here’s how members can claim their rewards:

  1. Go to your membership card
  1. Click on the “Claim Reward” button
  1. Choose your location of purchase; Shopee/Tokopedia/Alfamart/Alfamidi/Lawson
  1. Input your order number (Don’t know how to find them? Don’t worry! We have prepared the instructions for you)
  1. Input the total payment (Instructions on where to find it is also available😉)
  1. Click “Claim Rewards”
  1. And that’s it! You’ll get your rewards from the purchase
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More info, click here.


For security reasons, we limit the number of incorrect code inputs to 10 times and after that, your account will get locked. But no worries! We have a chatbot to help us to unlock it so you can quickly get back to claiming your rewards.

Here’s how:

  1. Click “Request to Unlock” from the locked page
  1. You will get directed to our WhatsApp chatbot with a prefilled text
  1. Click send the message and wait
  1. That’s it! Your account is unlocked already
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